Artline 577 Bullet Tip Whiteboard Markers Assorted Box 12 (FS)

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Product Description

ISBN: 2770000020473

These Artline 577 Whiteboard Markers are a great option for any classroom or workspace that uses a whiteboard. They contain a low odour, alcohol based and xylene free ink which uses pigments to produce bold colours.
  • Each marker contains a 2 mm bullet nib.
  • You can use the markers on all whiteboard and dry erase surfaces.
  • The ink is alcohol based and low odour.
  • These markers have round barrels which are comfortable to hold.
  • The ink is designed to be vibrant and stand out from the board.
  • There are an assortment of colours included in the pack.
  • This box contains 12 markers so you can stock up your stationery cupboard all at once.