Innovative Teachers Companion 2019 Secondary Multi Period

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ALL wire bound editions have a protective PVC jacket 
The Secondary edition of the innovative teachers’ companion will help to keep you organised with day-to-day teaching and administration tasks while making lesson planning enjoyable and the teaching of higher-order thinking a breeze.

Here’s what makes the innovative teachers’ companion so unique.

  • Number one selling teachers diary in Australia and New Zealand (50,000 teachers in Australia use this resource every year)
  • Since its launch in 2002, more than 600,000 teachers in Australia and New Zealand have used this resource to make higher-order lesson planning easy and enjoyable
  • Tailored to all year levels across three separate publications: Early Years, Primary and Secondary
  • Written by our authentic and highly respected education consultants, previously teachers, working in schools right now (meet our consultants here)
  • Supported online by itc ThinkDrive, itc publication’s dynamic online software program connecting students and teachers to cognitive and cooperative thinking tools
  • Aligned to the national curriculum for authenticity and ease-of-use
  • Going strong since 2002.


The Secondary Edition of the innovative teachers’ companion saves teachers valuable time by:

  • assisting you to be organised – your day, month and year at a glance
  • organising your record keeping – extra assessment, class rolls and logs all in one book!
  • assisting you to implement the Australian Curriculum
  • connecting you digitally to the itc thinkdrive website – www.itcthinkdrive.com.au
  • helping you to design and deliver brilliant and inspiring lessons – hundreds of lesson ideas for the classroom covering all subject areas


The 12 key verbs that you’ll use with your students – fully unpacked!

  • Our powerful Thinking Skills Framework that helps make higher-order thinking a breeze
  • The importance of task verbs – a simple tool to revolutionise the way you teach
  • Practical tips for the best design of assessment pieces
  • Cognitive and co-operative tools – learn the right thinking tool
  • Appropriate language – use sentence starters and connectives…and so much more